Excerpts from the Charter

The Fund raises material resources through voluntary contributions and other receipts not prohibited by law, and uses such resources for the following purposes:

  • to support the initiatives of individuals and legal entities in addressing social, charitable, educational, cultural, environmental, demographic, or other problems of social significance ;
  • to develop interaction and cooperation between all sectors of society represented by public, non-profit and private organizations to foster conditions for sustainable development, higher quality of life and human development;
  • to promote efforts of the state and society in the field of human welfare, particularly education, public health, the environment, and human rights.

To achieve these objectives, the Fund:

  • provides advisory support at all levels in the process of making and implementing decisions, developing and improving policies in areas relevant to social development, in particular, areas such as health, education, science, culture, information, communication, demography, ecology, etc.;
  • promotes the involvement and participation of representatives of the scientific-research community and various social groups in the process of agreeing, adopting and implementing measures and solutions in the field of social development;
  • supports and develops civil initiatives, public self-governance, and public expertise;
  • works with target social groups to identify, analyze, integrate and promote social interests, human potential, active citizenship, social responsibility, and human rights, primarily social ones;
  • assists in developing and improving the regulatory framework for social development and non-commercial activities, and drafting proposals for legislative initiatives;
  • plans, implements and evaluates programmes and public-awareness campaigns on social marketing, public enlightenment, and the dissemination and transfer of information to draw the attention of the general public and the media to social problems, and coordinates and mobilizes efforts to solve them;
  • promotes social journalism and public service announcements, in particular through involving the media and journalists in the process of solving social problems, and provides consulting and training on matters of supplying social information;
  • promotes and develops the voluntary sector infrastructure, improves the quality of service of non-governmental (non-profit) organizations, consolidates interaction between sectors, increases the professional level and strengthens the financial sustainability of non-profit organizations and social institutions;
  • researches, develops and introduces new technologies and mechanisms in the social, humanitarian, environmental and other fields, as well as in non-profit activities and the field of interaction between the non-profit, state and private sectors;
  • develops multi-sectoral social interaction and partnership (MSP) by supporting research in the field of MSP, disseminating information and training in the field of MSP, developing civil society, analyzing and adapting to Russian conditions successful examples of foreign MSP practices, and involving government, non-profit sector and business representatives more extensively in solving social problems;
  • supports, frames, develops and promotes programmes for social responsibility and social investment, and programmes to promote small business and good business practices;
  • attracts resources, funds and international experience (and adapts it) by supporting programmes for international and regional cooperation through intergovernmental, international, foreign and national organizations and institutions, and individuals;
  • facilitates the analysis, adaptation, transmission and implementation of norms, principles, standards, experience and best practices in the field of social development and human rights;
  • promotes the prestige and role of the family in society, support for motherhood, childhood and adolescence;
  • promotes the conservation and development of housing and communal services, buildings, objects and areas of historical, religious, cultural or environmental significance;
  • promotes peace and understanding among nations, and the prevention of social, national, ethnic, religious and other conflicts.

To achieve its stated goals and objectives, the Fund undertakes the following types of activity:

  • its main activity lies in social services;
  • conducts activity in the fields of education, science, culture, arts, enlightenment, spiritual development of the individual, prevention of illness, promotion of healthy living, physical culture and sport to improve people’s moral and psychological welfare, and the creation of safe working conditions;
  • carries out environmental management and resource conservation, including measures to prevent environmental pollution and protect biological diversity, promote re-usage and recycling, organize environmentally sound manufacturing processes and safe transportation, and develop environmental audit mechanisms;
  • provides consulting, informational, methodological, technical, logistical, financial, humanitarian and other support for non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals, their networks and informal associations that implement programmes in accordance with the goals, objectives and priorities of the Fund;
  • conducts analysis and monitoring of the social priorities and needs of the population and development of measures and recommendations for implementing and evaluating social development programmes;
  • organizes and holds scientific and public review activities, programmes and projects related to addressing issues of social and technological development;
  • accumulates financial assets from organizations and individuals through loans, credits, donations, grants, contributions and other receipts for subsequent expenditure on the goals and objectives of the Fund;
  • participates in tenders for domestic and foreign grants (funds allocated on a pro bono, ad hoc basis);
  • establishes and issues grants, awards and scholarships;
  • helps third parties through sponsorship, charitable and other assistance, aimed at solving social problems, from organizations and individuals, both within Russia and abroad;
  • provides social support and protection for citizens, including improved material conditions for the poor, social rehabilitation of the unemployed, disabled and other persons who by virtue of their physical or mental abilities or other circumstances cannot independently realize their rights and legitimate interests, assistance to victims of natural disasters , environmental, industrial and other catastrophes, social, national and religious conflicts, victims of repression and forced resettlement, and refugees;
  • conducts public information campaigns in the media, cultural and entertainment events, and rallies and demonstrations to protect the social rights of vulnerable groups within the legislative framework of the Russian Federation;
  • establishes mass media outlets for the circulation, transmission, preparation, publication and distribution of printed, radio, audio, video, digital and electronic works of an artistic, scientific, academic and educational nature;
  • develops, carries out and implements educational, informational and enlightenment programmes;
  • arranges and carries out educational and preventative measures with different social groups;
  • collects, systemizes, adapts and disseminates information on social issues and social development worldwide and in Russia;
  • plans, organizes and holds exhibitions, meetings, conferences, presentations, symposiums, lectures, seminars and other events on issues of social development;
  • develops contacts between domestic, international and foreign organizations and institutions;
  • develops international exchanges of specialists, promotes the training, retraining and advanced training of specialists, including foreigners, at educational and scientific institutions in Russia and abroad, and organizes non-profit educational and environmental tourism;
  • holds competitions, provides grants (funds allocated on a pro bono, ad hoc basis), arranges and implements scientific and methodological support and financial control of grant programmes involving the scientific and civilian community;
  • promotes and disseminates information on the Fund, and issues informational products;
  • creates its own economic entities with various forms of managerial and legal organization and incorporation, in accordance with current legislation, and realizes commercial projects with a view to securing funds for subsequent use in achieving the purposes and objectives of the Fund under its charter;
  • implements special types of licensed activity, having all licences required by law;
  • carries out other activities not prohibited under current legislation and aimed at achieving the stated goals and objectives of the Fund.

The Fund may engage in business activities only insofar as it serves and complies with the stated goals and objectives. Revenue from business activities may not be redistributed among the founders of the Fund and are used only for authorized purposes.